Your knitting and crochet time

Today is the last day of the 2nd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week. *sniff, sniff* It’s been a ton of fun, especially for me as a new blogger. I got the chance to share my knitting, my crafting processes (or the lack thereof), and the best part of all is of course to connect to all the other crafty bloggers out there. There are just so many blogs that I couldn’t read them all, but I made a valiant effort.

To round up all the posts, today’s topic tackles a favorite of all knitters and crocheters:

Day seven: 3rd April. Your knitting and crochet time.

Write about your typical crafting time. When it is that you are likely to craft – alone or in more social environments, when watching TV or whilst taking bus journeys. What items do you like to surround yourself with whilst you twirl your hook like a majorette’s baton or work those needles like a skilled set of samurai swords. Do you always have snacks to hand, or are you a strictly ‘no crumbs near my yarn!’ kind of knitter.

To be perfectly honest, there’s never enough knitting time. I wish there I had more knitting time (and that everyday life would just manage on its own), or otherwise that I could knit faster. Imagine being able to knit a lace stole in just a few days! Or a sweater over a weekend! There are people on Ravelry that knit that fast – I just don’t know how they do it.

Anyway, my knitting environment. I really like curling up on the couch, watching TV or a movie (LOTR! Star Wars!), with a blanket if it’s really cold outside, my pattern on the arm of the couch, and something nice and warm to drink. Heaven. (No food though, or nothing that could cause sticky or greasy fingers). Or when it’s warm and sunny sit out on the balcony, wiggle my toes in the sunshine and enjoy the birds chirping. And maybe plan an ice cream excursion as a break. This is the perfect environment for me if I’m knitting something complicated – my pattern notes are close enough to check and recheck the instructions, and I have the time and the leisure to count the stitches without annoying distractions.

But I also like knitting when I’m on the go (yup, public knitter here). I’ve knit on the train, on the plane, on the tram, waiting for the bus, at the doctors office, in the car (not while I’m driving!), during informal meetings or dinners – basically anywhere where I have to wait long enough that I can pull out my knitting and get more than a few stitches done. I usually have a easy peasy project on the needles that doesn’t require too much counting or attention, but is still challenging enough to be fun. Plus they need to be small enough that I’m not constantly elbowing my neighbors while I’m trying to knit a ginormous blanket. No thank you, I’d rather knit socks (or scarves, cowls etc).

I’ve gotten all kinds of comments while knitting in public, anything from funny or puzzled looks, comments on how people like the yarn or color, questions as to what I’m knitting, comments on how they used to knit, or how their mom/grandma/other relative used to knit and taught them how to knit, stories on horrible knitting mishaps, the pulling out of their own knitting projects or wips, and so on…

What was my point again? Oh yeah, knitting comments. The most unusual and worst comment I’ve received so far was when I was knitting on the tram, when a ticket inspector came over to me and asked me if I knew that my knitting is dangerous. No really. Because I could endanger myself, or worse fellow passengers if the tram had to stop suddenly. WTF? So does that mean I can’t knit on the plane, or on the train etc, because a sudden stop could bring problems with it? And what does that mean for the food and beverage carts on the plane? Or heavy shopping bags? Or suitcases on the train? Or what if a book I was reading were to fall on another passenger and accidentally caused them injury? And what if I knit at home and an earthquake were to occur? Or if I tripped and fell on my knitting bag? I mean really, the dangers are endless! Grrrrrr…. Anyway, I dutifully packed away my knitting since I didn’t feel like arguing with a blockhead and I ended up reading (which I’ve been neglecting recently anyway).

Well, that’s it! Goodbye Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, and thank you Eskimimi for the awesome event! It’s been lots of fun. And finally, if you want to keep following me along, you can as always continue reading this blog, or find me on Ravelry, username anji. And if you want to read more on the topic “Knitting and Crochet Time” from other bloggers blogging on this topic today, run a search on 2KCBWDAY7, or on Twitter #2KCBW.


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