Knitting for my grandmother

whiter shade of pale shawl

Morlynn shawl (a whiter shade of pale)

My mother is going to visit my grandmother in India. My grandmother is all excited, although she keeps asking if I can’t come along. But it just doesn’t look like I’ll be able to manage it this year. I’m hoping to go next year when my grandmother will be turning 90 (!!!!). Now that’ll be a major celebration, although I doubt we’ll be able to get all the kids, grandkids, and great grandkids there at the same time (much less fit them all into her house). That doesn’t include the cousins of all generations – after all my grandmother is one of 12 siblings, so there are tons of more relatives right there.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. As with most older people, my grandmother feels chill very often and likes to wear a cardigan to fend off the cold. I’ve been planning to knit a cardigan for her but I hadn’t yet knit a garment last year so last year was a bust. This year, things have been just too busy, plus I keep asking someone to let me know what her size is. So far no info, so no cardigan.

Then my Dad had the awesome idea of sending a handknit shawl to her. I don’t want to mail one to her (what if it got lost???) so I’d need to get it done in time to send with my Mom. A few days would be easily doable, as long as I have more time than over the last few weeks. I spent most of Friday going through my queue, looking at patterns, contemplating which yarn to use. My parents were suggesting I knit something like my Morlynn shawl – no crazy colors, nice and warm and a their favorite project of all things I’ve knit so far. Something like my Morlynn – why not send her my Morlynn itself? I know she’ll love and treasure it. That’ll be the best compliment to me. And I can cast on for a replacement shawl for myself without all the time pressure. 11 shawls in 2011, here I come!

Goodybye Morlynn! Keep my grandmother warm!



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