Easter is coming

and I’m making Easter presents. I’m thinking of making another one of these:

easter bunny
A bunny for Easter

It’s a fast and simple knit, and looks so cute. I’m also making some wood puzzles for my friends’ one year old kiddies, so one I’ve finished sanding them I’ll post some pictures. I guess this is going to be a crafting weekend.


… I’ve got to get them done. I’ve been doing other fun stuff, but it’s time to face the facts. April 15th is just a few days away. No more procrastinating. I need to finish them this Sunday, or I’ll forbid myself from knitting, reading and photography. Yup, I’m coming down hard on myself.

So it might take a day til I put up new content. Sorry!

I ♥ my Mac

I really really love my Mac. After years and years of using a PC, and dealing with the quirks and errors, and the occasional blue screen of death, I am finally on a computer that I love. I especially love the Apps that I can download. I’ve been contemplating getting Aperture through the Appstore, as a RAW converter and to allow me to really work on my digital photography. On the other hand I’m contemplating a combo out of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Elements. Has anyone worked with the programs and has some feedback for me?

Last quarter

So, we’re into the second quarter of the year – eek! – and it’s time to look back on January through March. My monthly totals are:

  • January: 1185.6 yards – 3 new projects knit, 2 WIPs completed
  • February: 1718.4 yards – 4 new projects knit, 1 WIP completed
  • March: 775 yards – a new project on the nedles, working on a old WIP

Hmmmmm… Clearly March has been a slacker month for me. I have been working on my endless project, a Flamboyan (when is this ever going to be finished???), and a cowl which has been my lunch break project. And it’s not just my knitting, it’s my reading too. The only thing I’ve managed to get around to more is my photography. But it’s not that I’m in a slump – it’s just that I’ve been so incredibly busy. Everyday life is just getting in the way. My lunchtime knitting is suffering because of my working out over the lunch break, or sometimes I go on a mini-photography expedition and then I work out at the end of the afternoon. And then there’s the all the stuff that needs to get taken care of after getting home. Plus I’m trying to make sure that I get new content up on the blog. Somehow I’m spending more time blogging than knitting! I need to reverse that.

I don’t want to make this a whining post. It’s just that I’m so intimidated by all that I need to knit in a the next few months. I need to get started on a stole that I’m knitting as a wedding gift, which I’m only allowed to start after I finish my Flamboyan. And Easter presents need to get knit too. Let’s not forget all the new baby project, and a big ole blanket for my nephew. And all the old WIPs that I’m planning to get done. And I want to blog about this year’s projects.

So I guess that means that I should get off the computer and back to my knitting. I’m going to go now and sit on the balcony, enjoy the sunshine and the warm weather, get something cold to drink and settle down with my knitting. And hey, maybe I’ll take a break and head down to the ice cream stand since this is perfect ice cream weather.

Let’s hope that next quarter my knitting totals will be better and I’ll have more projects to show for it.