Easter (Part I)

More woodwork! I made kiddie friendly puzzles in different animal shapes, for my friends’ kids, and one for my sister’s munchkin. I guess I could make my own zoo…

Wood puzzles

Hippo Puzzle

wood puzzle

Elephant Puzzle

wood puzzle

Camel Puzzle

I also made a sheep for Leah, my goddaughter, inspired by the children’s book Fiete Anders. It’s the story of a red and white striped sheep that’s trying to find a place in the world where it can fit in. I used the Alan Dart Shaun the Sheep pattern as an inspiration. I made the legs shorter, made the body rounder, and I modified the head heavily to get it to look somewhat like the one in the book. Btw, this is the reason I dyed the yarn red two weekends ago. The yarn looks like fluffy sheep wool when turned purl side out.

red-white striped sheep

Fiete Anders sheep

All presents were placed in little brown paper baggies which I decorated with Easter napkins (I unfortunately forgot to take pictures). It’s easy to do – you remove the top layer of the napkin, the one with the print on it, place it on the surface you want to affix it, and glue over with with an adhesive that acts as a lacquer as it dries – make sure it dries clear. Easy peasy, and a nice way to personalize gifts. (This works on a multitude of surfaces – best are wood or paper surfaces, as long as the glue works on them). I’ll make something else and post pictures of the different steps and the final result.

ETA: Oh, I found a picture of one of the baggies – not great, but you get the idea. Still, I’ll put up a post on how to make these.

Easter bags

Easter baggies


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