Easter (Part II)

I’ve knit up the Alan Dart Chick and Egg pattern before (I’ve already posted about it).

This year I decided to make a variation of the pattern that would be a bit more useful as an ornament. I knit up only one eggshell half, and wove in some yarn at the center to make a tie closure, and strung the egg up on a thin thread. Instead of stiffening the egg into shape using hairspray, I bought these little acrylic eggs, and used them as a casing for the chick, and then used the knitted eggshell as the outer casing. Kid-friendly since I didn’t use hairspray or other stiffening agents. I made three of these eggs, and they were fun Easter presents that everybody liked! And the ornaments can still be turned into half an Easter egg, as a nest for the chick.

Easter chick

chick in its (acrylic) shell

Easter chick

egg in its outer colorful eggshell

Easter eggs

all three finished eggs


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