I heard about this amazing photography and video website yesterday: Mediastorm

They show some of the amazing possibilities of photography, especially the combination of photography with video. You’ll probably recognize a lot of the clientwork.

The stories are all moving – and some really put you through the emotional wringer.  I was watching “Bloodline” and “Undesired” – the stories really speak to you. With regards to Undesired, which deals with the preference to have a son in India, I have to say that not all of India is that way. I’d say that the more rural and the more uneducated the family, the more likely for some of the circumstances described in the movie to occur. Not that it cannot appear in the more educated, (newly) wealthy families in India. India is going through a transformation, with traditional mores conflicting with new ideas and ideals coming from economic growth and the greater financial empowerment of employed women. A lot of the Western companies employ their Western standards in their treatment of employees, including equal treatment of women, a casual tone at work and the focus on people’s performance, creating a clash of cultures with the older generation that for example places great emphasis on the respect for elders. Still, the preference for male children is creating great problems in rural areas, where there just aren’t enough women to marry. It’s almost like a competition for available spouses.

If you’re interested, I can post more on the issue. Apart from that – I have something to aspire to when it comes to working with pictures and video. Very inspiring.


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  1. I was very touched by the video “Undesired”. Yes I am glad that there are people who talk about this problem and highlight it. Because this can trigger a civil movement against the discrimination of woman and the implementation of government and penal action. Yes there are many families that do not follow such practices but there are still far too many who do not respect woman.


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