Mad Hatters

or more specifically, today is Kentucky Derby day, which means lots and lots of hats. As if you haven’t had your share of hats at the Royal Wedding last week. May I refresh your memory?

You had to have the feeling that the wedding single-handedly kept dozens of hatmakers in business. Some of the hats were nice, some were ok, and some looked like the wearer was attacked by a rose bush or slapped upside down the head with a plate. The worst one however is the hat worn by Prince William’s cousin – it looked like she was trying to wear a family crest on her head:

Princess of York's wedding hat

Princess Beatrice of York's hat for the royal wedding

As you may notice, I’m not a huge fan of hats. But anyway, if you have the pressing need to wear your own hat and you don’t have one or want another one, here you go:


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