Mother’s Day

(Since Mother’s Day is over, it’s safe to post this)

As mother’s day was approaching, I was struggling to figure out what to get my Mom. My first choice, an awesome book on bread and bread baking by Linda Collister, is completely out of print. Bummer. I didn’t really have enough time to knit something for here, since I had a few other WIP on the needles. Last year I made scones with strawberries two ways (as jam and as a salad) for her, and it was a huge hit. So this time I decided to make something edible again, but of the savory sort. I first thought of making fresh pasta, but since I don’t have pasta maker, I’d have to roll out the pasta by hand – not a good idea for a first time pasta maker. Then I came across this amazing smitten kitchen recipe on how to make gnocchi, and decided that I could do that. Between roasting the potatoes for an hour, grating them and then getting the dough to the right consistency it took some time. Btw, grating the potatoes idea is genius – it really results in a lovely light dough. The actual shaping, cutting, and fork-roll action was a snap. Oh, and instead of rolling the gnocchi over the fork, I just rolled the fork over the gnocchi. It was a bit faster, and I liked the resulting shape better.

gnocchi and fork

gnocchi shaping

I made a deconstructed pesto and tomato sauce/salad – basically I tossed all the classic pesto ingredients and a few cherry tomatoes together with the gnocchi, with a teeny bit of oregano, and voila! An awesome mother’s day meal. I like gnocchi, but I didn’t realize what a huge difference it would make to taste fresh, home-made gnocchi. And the sauce/salad was so fresh, and the individual flavors really did shine. It really is true, good ingredients make for good finished products.

finished gnocchi dish

gnocchi, yum!

The remaining gnocchi went to live in a little baggie in the freezer, to be thawed, cooked and enjoyed on another day. All in all, and unqualified success.