My stash is ginormous. Despite all attempts to knit as fast as I can, I’m sure I’ve reached SABLE (Stash Acquisition beyond lifetime expectancy). I know that if I destashed everything that I’m not likely to knit anytime soon, I’d have boxes and boxes of yarn. I guess I’m finally facing up to the reality that I really don’t need all that yarn, and that I can acquire yarn for projects as I go, instead of having reserve yarn. Plus, when I have yarn set aside for projects, I tend to forget that I’ve planned to use that yarn, and I sometimes end up buying more yarn, or I find yarn that’s even better suited. So, I’ve decided to destash. In bits and pieces. Although the first batch will be something around 100 skeins (!!!!). Yikes! And since I haven’t gotten around to add some of the yarn to my stash, I’m busy photographing and entering yarn into Ravelry. This is really shaping up to be a bigger project…

If you’re interested in my destash, I’ll add a post when the destash is going up on the ISO/Destash of yarn message board, and I can also post what yarn brands I’m destashing. Oh, and I’ll be destashing my set of addi Click interchangeables that includes extra needles and a awesome interchangeable case from Sarah Kincheloe.


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