Sendung mit der Maus

Maus, Elefant und Ente

I grew up with the TV program “Sendung mit der Maus” and I still try to watch it to this day. It’s a wonderful children’s program that includes stories answering kids questions like how the stripes get into the toothpaste. You can actually subscribe to a podcast of the episodes. Then there are these cartoon shorts with the mouse, elephant and a little yellow duck, often a little song or children’s story, and a little animation like Shaun the Sheep TV episodes. Even though its aimed at kids it’s also made to be fun and interesting for adults too. It’s also really popular – over a million people watch it every Sunday. This year is the 40th birthday of the show and the theme of this year is to open doors – showing everything from how Euro bills are made to how astronauts train and live in space, to the narrowest house (it’s in Barcelona) and on and on.

Since my nephew loves to watch the little Maus/mouse cartoons I made him a kiddie sized shopping bag:

Maus, Elefant und Ente Tasche


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