I bet you’re asking yourself – where is all the knitting? After all I’ve been putting up a bunch of pictures and craft related posts. But I’ve still been knitting – not a lot as you can see in last month’s knitting yardage, but I do have some FOs to post.

Meet Elijah:



He’s a present for my friend Aarti’s baby, Arjun. Elephants are a symbol of luck in India, particularly elephants with a raised trunk. To make the trunk flexible, I inserted pipe cleaners wrapped with stuffing. That way the trunk can be bent into any shape desired, and it’ll stay up way better than blocking the trunk into shape.

I used Rowan Pima Cotton DK – a lovely soft cotton yarn that can easily be washed over and over again, which can be expected with a baby toy. And I used felt circles for the eyes – I’ve never been happy with the result of french knots as eyes. I’d also recommend to be careful with stuffing the limbs – if they’re overstuffed they’ll only point away from the body and Elijah will have a hard time sitting. So the join to the body should only be stuffed lightly.

I’ve knitted two other Ysolda toy patterns in the past – an Otto polar bear and a Sophie bunny – but this one was my favorite. I had a hard time parting with it. Fortunately I have enough yarn for another Elijah. Then again I’ve already received requests for another Elijahs. Decisions, decisions…


Elijah up close

Late to the party

I have to admit, the movie Larry Crowne really hasn’t been on my radar. Maybe it’s the 35% rating on rotten tomatoes, or that I haven’t seen any trailers for it, but I really haven’t paid any attention. I guess everything is being buried in Harry Potter mania (and I’ll be going to see Deathly Hallows Pt 2 later this week). But I heard about this prank that Tom Hankds played on Julia Roberts involving knitting, and found out that the knitting blogosphere has been abuzz about the prank. So as usual I’m late to the party. Still, the clip is hilarious and worth posting (again).