Delinquent (again)

I know, I know, I meant to post far more regularly. Instead I went to a wedding, visited friends, watched my nephew, pampered my pregnant sister, dealt with a bunch of health scares and their aftermath (in the family), started a photography course, and knit a little bit here and there. So my computer time has been pretty limited, ergo no blogging. But I do have new content to add, especially photographs. And project updates. And some food posts.

For now, though, I’ll update my monthly knitting yardages:

Jan ‘11: 1845.6
Feb ‘11: 1718.4
March ‘11: 775
April ‘11: 459
May ‘11: 575
June ‘11: 79.2

Clearly my knitting yardage shows how busy things have been. I mean really, my June knitting yardage is pathetic. But this month I’m planning to get a lot more knitting in, including finishing up a few projects that have been sitting on my WIP pile, and a bunch of baby gifts. And I have some photography homework, too…


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