Surpassing last month

Last month’s knitting was rather pitiful. But this month I’m doing better. So far I’ve knit 329 yards this month. Much better than June. As to my goal of knitting 52 projects in 52 weeks, well, I’ve managed 15 projects so far, and we’re in week 29. I have some catching up to do – but fortunately I have some kiddie knits to whip up, so that should help me catch up.

I still need to blog about a few more knitting and crafts projects: Trillian, Spice Market, Elijah and Flap, Flip, Flop and Mammophant. And of course I’ll be putting up more photography, particularly some of my photography homework.

I still have to fulfill the goal of knitting 11 shawls in 2011 – last year I fell short of the goal of 10 shawls. And since I’m talking about upcoming projects, I might as well record the projects that I’m planning to knit during the second half of this year:

Yikes! That’s 23 projects – plus Christmas gifts. I’d better not slack with my knitting like last month!