Late to the party

I have to admit, the movie Larry Crowne really hasn’t been on my radar. Maybe it’s the 35% rating on rotten tomatoes, or that I haven’t seen any trailers for it, but I really haven’t paid any attention. I guess everything is being buried in Harry Potter mania (and I’ll be going to see Deathly Hallows Pt 2 later this week). But I heard about this prank that Tom Hankds played on Julia Roberts involving knitting, and found out that the knitting blogosphere has been abuzz about the prank. So as usual I’m late to the party. Still, the clip is hilarious and worth posting (again).



  1. I saw that awhile ago and had to crack up about the guy in front with the pink metal needles. He has a DEATH GRIP on those things. LOL


  2. LOL, that’s right! And then there’s the guy who has given up and has the yarn just draped all over himself 🙂


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