Burgundy dress

I’d mentioned that I’d knit this dress for my goddaughter, Leah. I ultimately frogged the dress and reknit the yarn in a different design for her as a birthday present, but I’ll still put up a post of this past project as a past project post (hello alliteration!). It was my birthday gift to Leah for her second birthday, and I knit it in the 2-3 year old size, figuring that she’d get more use out of it that way. And if the dress was going to be too short on her after a while then she could always wear it as a short dress/long top with leggings or tights.

burgundy dress

the color is gorgeous

The pattern is Child’s Sun Top, a Lion Brand’s free pattern. The pattern called for a worsted cotton or cotton blend yarn so I used Knitpicks Shine Worsted, a cotton-rayon blend. The pattern requires the dress to be knit flat, and to be seamed later. I’m not a huge fan of seaming to I decided to knit the dress in the round instead, and to simply separate the two parts at the armholes. Then I’d just knit the top of the part separately in seed stitch as per pattern instructions. The original dress is bell-shaped, a form that I don’t like very much, so I cast on extra stitches, and I used paired decreases ever so often to try and get the dress into more of an A-line shape (it didn’t quite work).

burgundy dress in a bell shape

yeah, more of a bell shape than an A-line dress

The finished dress was cute and all, but the straps were rather stretchy, even though I’d used a cotton blend yarn. Still, I was hoping that it would hold the shape well enough, and I’d extended the straps so the length of the dress could be varied. I had the cutest little apple buttons that matched the main burgundy color of the dress perfectly. But as you now know, the straps weren’t strong enough to hold the weight of the dress without stretching a lot. I guess I could have lined the dress to make it more stable, but without a sowing machine I felt very intimidated by the idea of sewing on a lining by hand. Instead the dress was frogged, and I settled for a design that’s knit top down so the weight of the top wouldn’t depend on two narrow straps.

burgundy up cloe

the buttons match perfectly

My Ravelry project page has more details on the modifications, if you’re interested. Btw, I found the yarn rather fuzzy, something that I really didn’t expect from a cotton blend yarn. Have any of you had the same problem?


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