Another past project post. (Hmmm, summer salad series, past project post – I guess I like alliteration).

Azzuro shawl


The pattern is Azzu’s shawl by Emma Fassio – a free pattern – and the yarn is Wollmeise in Stella Polaris. Gorgeous. The color is perfect for summer, and it just glows. I modified the project slightly since the Wollmeise skeins have a generous yardage, and I wanted to use up as much yarn as possible. I added another, slightly modified pattern repeat to make the shawl longer so I could tie it into a knot around me. My project page lists the modifications in more details. Oh, and if you’re wondering if I modified the photograph, nope, it’s as I photographed it with my little point-and-shoot Canon, even though the photograph looks like it’s been painted.

Azzuro shawl

Azzuro up close


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