Celebrate color

Celebrate Color

Summer is nearing it’s end – Labor Day is right around the corner (it would be highly ironic if my sister goes into labor on Labor Day. We’re transitioning into fall, with all it’s glorious colors. And then, before we know it, it’ll be November, with it’s drab and grey weather, and rain (although that’ll be perfect sweater knitting time). But for now, it’s still warm and bright, and the the sun still holds the promise of summer. Then again, the weather can change rapidly and hurricane season isn’t over. Err, I better let sleeping dogs lie.

Anyway, I want to celebrate the season with all of it’s multi-hued colors while it still lasts. So this is the         perfect time to join in a blogging celebration of fall! There are color inspirations, monthly contests and prizes, and best of all a community to share and be inspired by.

Here’s my color current color inspiration:

wollmeise colors

yes, it's Wollmeise


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