A fourth birthday

I’d mentioned before that I had knit this cute little dress for my goddaughter as a present for her second birthday. The straps of the dress were too stretchy, so I decided that I’d frog the dress and knit up something else instead of fixing. Since the birthday party is over it’s now safe to post this. So – meet her new dress:

posing for the photo

4th birthday dress

The pattern is Kenna botton top (Ravelry project link) by Nicole Ratliff. Cute, and perfect for a little girl. It’s actually a top, but I made a dress version. I knit the 4/5 year size so it should fit her for a while. I cast on six extra stitches so I could knit together the two button plackets instead of knitting the somewhat skewed version as in the pattern, which would require a sewing together later. I also knit the body for a bit, then knit the two sleeves so I could later knit the body until I used up all my yarn. I added increases every so often to make the bottom of the dress a bit wider. And I finished of the dress by adding k2p2 ribbing at the sleeves and at the bottom, to continue the apple color scheme.


new apple buttons

Remember my post on embellishments during the Knitting and Crochet Blogging week? I’d talked about some custom made buttons that I’d had designed. Since I had an apple theme going, I asked Robin from Buttoms by Robin to design matching buttons. They show a red apple, a green apple, a worm looking ouf of an apple and an apple tree. These are way prettier than the original buttons although I’d been really lucky that those store bought buttons completely matched the dress. But the new dress has 4 buttonholes, so I wouldn’t have been able to use the original maroon buttons anyway.

The dress is too warm for her now, but it’ll last her at least through this year, and possibly the next. The dress can easily be steamblocked wider. Right now it’s a sweater dress that she can wear the dress with leggings, as a short dress, as well as a top over jeans. And later when she’s older she can still wear it as a top.

This turned out way better than fixing the original dress. And she loves it, and her Mom as well. Yay!

McKenna top


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