No wonder everyone knits this pattern

Since a new nephew is on it’s way (my sister’s belly is huge!), I’ve been knitting up lots and lots of baby items. One of the patterns I’d decided to knit up is Saartje’s booties. I often find myself at a loss as to what I can knit with very variegated yarn, but this is a pattern where variegated yarn looks a lot better than a solid or semi-solid yarn. It’s a really easy knit – I cast on after an all-nighter, when I was really tired, and I had no problems with the pattern. It also knits up fast so there’s a lot of instant gratification. And it’s so gosh darned cute! Every time I see the finished booties I have the urge to cuddle them. I remember how small my nephew’s little feet were when he was born. I can’t wait to cuddle my nephew – and see these little booties on him.

such small booties

The yarn is Wollmeise, colorway Emil. A hugely sought after color, although this skein is very dark, so it barely shows any of the red that’s in the lighter skeins. I think the colorway Mitternacht is just as good as a substitute. Or another variegated colorway (although I’d shy away from clown barf).



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