Blowing in the wind

My friend Razili is expecting her first baby right around the time that my sister’s baby number two is due. I’ve been knitting up lots of baby clothes for my sister, but I haven’t yet knit anything for Razili. Not because I don’t want to, it’s just that her mother knits, and she’ll be knitting up lots of baby clothes. And I don’t want to take away from that. Plus, I think her Mom is planning to knit a Shaun the sheep mobile for her.

all the colors

not the best picture, but still very cute and colorful

Instead I figured I’d make something for her in the wood workshop. One of the people there had a design for this pretty wood mobile, so instead of knitting up a mobile (as I’d done in the past), I decided to craft one for her out of wood. The design is pretty easy – the wood pieces are shaped in waves.

The tricky part is to balance the pieces correctly, otherwise the pieces will be out of alignment. It’s something that can be fixed through the careful placing of wood beads and/or attaching a weight to the lowest piece, but fortunately the holes in the template were pretty much on target. I sanded the pieces and painted them with parquet floor paint – that way they can easily be wiped off, and the color glows nicely.

My sister saw the finished project, and now she wants one for her second baby. I already made her a sheep mobile, but that one is hanging over the changing table, and the new mobile is supposed to hang over the baby’s bed. Back to the wood shop!


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