Freezer paper stencils

I love craft projects – handmade gifts can be personalized so much more than bought gifts. Or you can personalize a bought gift to match the recipient’s personality. I’ve made wood puzzles for friends’ kids, knit and crocheted all kinds of presents, decorated aprons and baby items with napkins, embroidery, fabric and the such, and now I want to try this: Freezer Paper stencils. I first saw this in Frecklegirl’s photostream – that’s Jess as in Jessica of Ravelry co-founder fame. Look what cute designs she came up with.

Freezer paper stencils

freezer paper stencils in action

finished baby onesie

finished baby onesie decorated with freezer paper stencils

I think I’ll buy some plain baby onesies and personalize them for my new nephew to be. I can give my own creativity the reign, and it’s way cheaper than buying some of the fancy baby onesies. And I can work up a combination of dyed fabric and stencils and prints. Hmmm, the possibilities are endless.

Maybe I’ll also decorate a onesie with potato stencils – I remember making a pillow decorate with potato stencil prints in elementary school. I think I still have a pictures of it:

potato prints

badly lit potato stencils


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