shroom, shroom

Another gift for my little munchkin nephew. The pattern is Purl Soho’s Toadstool Baby Rattle pattern, and it makes such a cute little baby gift. You can easily whip it up in an afternoon, and it’s easy to customize – you can use self-striping yarn,make polka dots through double stitch, and create patterns through the use of different yarn colors.
toadstool baby rattle
I didn’t add the cat toy rattle, instead I wedged three jingle bells next to each other, surrounded by stuffing, and that did the trick. The rattle jingles nicely, but it’s not too loud for a little newborn – or for parents. One of the most annoying thing about children’s toys is that so many of them are really repetitively loud – the kind that make the same noise over and over and really gets on parents nerves. I mean, who really needs a toy that makes loud hammering and ratcheting noises, when you know the kid will make all those on his own? You start to have an amalgam of loud toys and loud toddler noises. I still maintain that toddler noises reach the same decibel range of airplanes. Ok, maybe that’s exaggerated. But really, there’s no need for annoyingly loud and repetitive toys. You’ll hear enough repetitive kid favorite animated and puppet character theme songs to have them memorized quickly. (I already know the themes for Curious George, Olivia, and Elmo, sigh).

Ok, rant over. So really, it is a very cute gift that the kid, the toddler, and the parent can all enjoy.