If at first you don’t succeed…

I’ve been on a granola kick lately – eating it with granola, fresh fruit, yoghurt , so I wanted to make my own granola. I smushed these two recipes together – the granola part from a granola crisp recipe and this homemade granola recipe from Joy of Baking. I used spelt flakes instead of oats, crushed linseed, melted butter, a mix of honey and maple syrup and a little bit of flour. Well, the result looked delicious, but the granola was done earlier expected. My batch was very brown, almost charred.


still looking good - that would change within a few minutes

I figured I’d make another batch of lighter granola and mix the two of them. So – attempt two, with a share of regular oats rather than the spelt flakes since I had only a little left, and brown sugar instead of honey or maple syrup. It tasted just as delicious as batch one. And it got brown even faster than batch one. Sigh. Now I have a lot of overly baked granola with a smoky flavor – ok it’s tastes a bit burned – but the consistency is great. I guess I can add some raisins, cranberries, dried apples or nuts to break up the somewhat ‘smoky’ flavor.

overbrowned granola

Yup, that's all granola, including those dark brown and black bits

Once I’ve eaten this big batch of granola I’m going to try again. I guess not everything homemade can be successful the first time you try it. I think baking the granola on baking paper instead of aluminum foil might help – hopefully the parchment paper will keep the temperature more even and keep the granola from getting overbrowned on the bottom. I’ll probably be trying Smitten Kitchen’s granola recipe.


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