XL Ishbel

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extra large Ishbel

XL Ishbel

One of our friends turned 60 last year, and she said that she didn’t want any presents, only ‘a rose’. Well, I decided to interpret that a little more creatively and decided to knit her a shawl and then fold and roll it into a rose shape. After much discussion, we settled on Ysolda’s Ishbel pattern, to be knit in Wollmeise Twin in the colorway roter Himbeermund. The color works especially well with Indian clothes, where stronger colors are often paired up (I remember seeing a woman in a neon green and neon pink sari in India – somehow it worked there, although I wouldn’t be caught cold in such a color combination outside of India).

I made the stockingette section larger, and a smaller lace section. That meant that I did 41 repeats of the stockingette section, rather than 25 for the small or 33 for the large version of the pattern. Since the Wollmeise Twin skeins have less yardage than the 100% skeins, I only had enough yarn for a small lace section. I also had to use a teeny tiny bit of another skein to bind off the last few stitches. More information is on my project page (Ravelry link).

It truly is an extra large Ishbel, and she loves it. I hope she wears it frequently – nothing is worse than knitting something for someone and they don’t appreciate it, or it sits in their closet, forgotten.