Hello Betty

Spare blackberries + Strawberry Brown Betty recipe =  Blackberry Brown Bettys

Brown Betties

once again I need to work on my lighting

Next time, I’d use less of the crumb mixture, since the crumbs didn’t stick that well to the blackberries. But I can imagine the crumbs work better with cut fruit. The fruit combinations are endless. I’d also use less butter to butter the toast pieces. Otherwise the brown betties are sooooooo good. I could barely wait for them to cool off before eating them. Yes them. Ahem. I ate two right out of the oven. The combination of crispy crust, moist but not soggy filling, and the bursting of warm blackberries in your mouth – indescribable. This would also be a perfect dessert when visitors suddenly stop by and you’re short on supplies. All you need is some toast, some breadcrumbs, sugar and butter (yes, Panko would be better but I didn’t have any on hand and used regular breadcrumbs and that worked fine, too), some fruit, a muffin pan, and voila! A dessert that’s whipped up quickly and will make all your guests happy.


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