Lucky socks part II

Germany socks

more Germany socks

I already posted about a pair of socks knit in the German flag colors. This pair of socks was actually knit before that and they’re part II of the great sock experiment – these were knit on toe-up on two circular needles. My favorite sock construction technique, and knitting with two circular needles is way faster than knitting with dps or using magic loop. The pattern is from Wendy Johnson’s book ‘Socks from the Toe-Up.’ The book is very good overview on toe-up sock construction and it has really nice patterns. I did modify the pattern slightly – I used Judy’s Magical Cast-On instead of the short-row toe as the pattern recommends – if I’d used that method then the stripes would have worked properly.

again, lucky socks

note the matching chair

The socks fit perfectly, and they’re for watching soccer. Lucky socks, here I come!


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