Ricotta (ice) cream

ricotta ice cream

I was asked to whip up a last minute dessert for guests we had over for dinner recently. After I’d just come back from shopping. Without planning to buy ingredients for dessert. Sigh.

So it was time to get creative. I came across a recipe for a raspberry ricotta mousse that decided to heavily modify since I only had some frozen mixed berries, and fresh blueberries, as well as some whipping cream to stretch the Ricotta mass. I started whipping the ricotta, and adding in the frozen berries with a little bit of sugar. Mmmmm. Delicious. And the frozen berries made for a really nice texture. So instead of folding in beaten whipped cream I decided to stick the bowl of ricotta in the freezer, whip up the cream with some powdered sugar as a garnish, and some fresh blueberries as a decoration. Yum. Everybody loved it. I think this was one of the easiest and tastiest dessert I’ve ever made. And it worked perfectly with Indian food.

My SLR wasn’t around to take pics, so you’ll have to settle for pics from my point and click:


dessert base

ricotta fruits

ricotta mousse pre-freezing


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