a tart

lemons and tart, yum

whole lemon tart


  • Delicious cream or jam-filled treat
  • A female who is attractive and has the air of being promiscuous, even if she isn’t
  • sour, acid, astringent

Yum! 🙂

I’m a huge fan ouf things sour, and I love lemon tarts. Sometimes when I’m lazy but have a hankering for lemons I buy one of these small, one person serving size lemon tartlets from Whole Foods. I also love lemon bars, key lime pie, lemon syrup, lemon pasta, lemon in my risotto – basically lemons in all of their iterations. I haven’t tried to make preserved lemons though – at least so far, but it sounds delicious, with many uses.

Anyway, I had planned to make this gorgeous lemon tart as a my contribution for a dinner with family friends, but alas, lunch was cancelled since the lady of the house wasn’t doing well. So I ended wondering when I’d get to make this lemon tart again. I mean, I could have made the dessert just for us, but really, an entire pie just for us? Oh the horror, what a temptation to eat lemon tart for every meal. My waistline wouldn’t thank me. Plus, my mother had made this delicious Mocha cake for me (I’ll post about this another time) – a cake that’s usually made just once a year, for my birthday, and that’s associate with lots of nostalgia and family history.

Back to the topic at hand. Matthias and his wife Lena called Friday morning, saying that they’d like to come over for a short visit. They’ve going moved Toulouse in October so opportunities to meet them are rare. They wouldn’t have much time since their little munchkin Marius would need to be put to bed on time. I’d hoped that I could make them dinner since I’ve had this yummy asparagus, artichoke and shitake mushroom recipe on the backburner, but dinner just wouldn’t work out. So at least I could make a dessert, and now I finally had the opportunity to make that lemon tart.

lemon tart and tea

lemon tart and tea: breakfast of champions

The amazing and usual part about this recipe is that the entire lemon is used in the filling. Ok, the pits are removed, but otherwise the entire lemon is is processed. Not just the rind or the juice (I really need to invest in a microplane grater since I’m usually annoyed to pull out the regular grater – the rind just end up small enough for my taste. Plus it’s not a box grater, so I have the lovely job of holding the grater while using pressure on the end to get the rind off. Clearly it’s time for a microplane grater). I’m all in favor of recipes that put a twist on normal – okay, classic – recipes.

The tart was a huge hit. The center was still slightly warm at serving time, but it was of a great consistency, and we demolished over half of the tart. However, I’d agree with Deb’s assessment – i.e. Smitten Kitchen – to serve the tart cold. Take my assurances for it, the tart is still delicious the next day and the day after – although only a teeny tiny sliver lasted that long. Try it out for yourselves, and I’m sure you’ll agree that this tart is worth making it again. If you have a half-done pie crust in your freezer/fridge, then this is an easily whipped up, last minute dessert. Or a great contribution for a summer cookout. Really, it’s perfect for summer, although it’s surely a lovely reminder of summer in the middle of winter.



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