Let’s look back at last year’s knitting:

My goals were 11 shawls in 2011, 12 pairs of socks, 5 WIPs, and 3 larger items (over 500 yds at least). And I wanted to attempt to knit 52 projects in 52 weeks.

My results:

  • I knit 5 pairs of baby socks/booties, and not a single pair of adult socks. Fail.
  • 3 pairs of shawls. Fail. (Oh, and a really pretty long cowl that’s more of a wrap). Fail.
  • 5 WIPs. Yay, goal completed!
  • 6 projects with over 500 yards. Yay, goal completed!
  • 31 projects plus one new WIP. Fail.

I really wanted to reduce my stash last year, and I did manage a big sale last year, but I also added to my stash. Sigh.

So this year I’m determined to stashdown, and I’m only allowed to add to my stash if I need yarn for a current project, or if I plan to cast on for the project immediately (ok, within two days). Here are my 2012 goals:

  • Photograph remaining yarn and add to Ravelry
  • Sell some yarn. No buying unless an emergency: I’m about to CO for a gift, and giftee present requires yarn I don’t have (Ha!) Project must be CO immediately.
  • Assign yarn in stash to projects (so I don’t go buying yarn when I already have something in stash). Currently I have 26 specific projects with matching yarn mapped out.
  • Reduce number 2011 WIPs before adding 2012 projects. Currently I have one WIP, and four WIPs that’ll be frogged and recast on.
  • 6 pairs of socks, 2 sweaters (at least), wedding gift blanket, and aim for 12 shawls in 2012.
  • Aim for  52 projects in 52 goals, although this’ll be tough since I have a bunch of high yardage projects planned
  • Blog regularly, about current projects as well as old ones, including 2011 projects not yet added to Rav
  • Try to knit more than 10,000 yards
  • Knit up 12 skeins of Wollmeise, one per each month – the plan is to knit up some of the treasured skeins instead of letting them linger in their box.

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