9 degrees Fahrenheit/minus 13 degrees Celsius

It’s freezing. Really really freezing. At least it’s sunny, and we don’t have to deal with tons of snow too (apparently it would be even colder with snow). So this is a good time as any to put up a post about winter wear.

I made this lovely pair of gloves 2 winters ago, for my friend Ulrike. It took a bit to figure out what pattern, and what color; ultimately she decided on this lovely burgundy shade of Wollmeise called Merlot. This was the first time I was knitting gloves, and the project moved along pretty quickly until I had to do all those fingers. And yes, there were quite a few ends to weave in. Nothing like those kinds of projects to scare you away from part II. But I plugged along, since I wanted to finish the gloves while it was actually cold enough to wear them.

So, gloves finished. Yay! Enough fiddling around with fingers, and making sure everything fits. And then I made the mistake of showing the finished project to my sister. And of course the comment was “I want a pair too!” In the same colorway. Well, thanks to the generous yardage of the Wollmeise skeins, I had enough to make pair #2. My sister’s hands are smaller, so I knit the second pair with smaller needles, otherwise everything is the same.

The pattern is called Knotty Gloves, and it’s one of the bazillion glove/mitten designs by Laris Designs (ok, not bazillion, but she has 20-30 different glove designs out there). It’s a really good starting place for a newbie glove knitter – and it’s pretty easy to fit properly. The only issue is that the knotty pattern makes the gloves somewhat bunchy on top. Oh well. Ultimately, they look pretty, and keep your fingers warm.

Oh, and btw, this season makes me think of the “I’m freezing” children’s song from Music Together: Sticks. Music Together is this really lovely children’s music education series, and the songs and rhymes are really cute. Plus it’s music that’s bearable for adults too (I would not be able to listen to Barney over and over, but this, this I can do). Anyway, here’s a really cute version enacted by this little girl (no idea who she is, but she’s doing a lovely job 🙂