More toddler “wisdom”

My sister and and both nephews are waiting at the doctor’s office for the younger kiddo’s 6 month visit (including vaccinations):

3 and half year old nephew: “Mommy, I don’t want my baby brother to get a vaccination.”

My sister: “Awww, that’s sweet. Why?”

Nephew: “Because he’ll cry, and it’s too loud for me, my ears hurt.”


2012 Knitting and Crochet Blog Week

Remember last year’s Knitting and Crochet Blog Week? Eskimi is back, after some offline time – in the meanwhile, her blog has changed from to And now that she’s back, she is organizing another Knitting and Crochet Blog Week for 2012. The idea is that bloggers post on the same topic on the same day, and that way you can see all kinds of different posts on the same topic. Oh, and there’s a wild card topic, in case you want to substitute that for one of the topics. The fun starts April 23rd, and the topics will be announced April 2nd. That way there’s enough time to draft the posts ahead of time, especially if they require extra preparation – last year some people made up really creative video blog posts, or little animations etc. Plus it’s way easier to get all those photographs done ahead of time – this time I might go on little photographing jaunts instead of photographing on my bedroom floor. There are specific post tags to use for each day’s posts – don’t use them yet since to keep those tags only for the actual posts (otherwise other posts will also pop up on Google). The tags themselves are already announced, and this year there’ll be prizes! Yay!

You can find last year’s Knitting and Crochet Blog Week posts by searching for the 2KCBW tags, e.g. 2KCBWDAY1 for the first day, etc, or Knitting and Crochet Blog Week. Or if you’re interested in seeing my posts from last year, you can search the blog for the tag 2KCWB and it should show all my participating posts.

It really is a lot of fun, and it challenges you to go beyond your normal blogging habits. I encourage you to participate – and spread the word! The more, the merrier!

(Y)arrrrrrrrrn along!

Another Wednesday, another day to check in and see what I’m knitting and reading. My current read is Winnie the Pooh, which I read for my nephew over Skype. We both love Winnie the Pooh. We have a few other books in that series, but the Honey Cake mix-up is by far his favorite. It’s a really cute story – I must have read it to him a hundred times already, but he still enjoys it. I think there’s something really comforting for kids (especially the young ones) to reread a story, and to know what will happen. Oh, and for all of you Winnie the Pooh lovers, there’s a great series of YouTube videos about “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.” It’s a real treat for my nephew, even though he’s only allowed to watch a bit.  He’s kind of scared by Owl, and that funny mole, and Tigger is a bit too hyper – he’s too fast for him to understand, but he loves the songs. I have them memorized by now, too – and I keep thinking of the “Up, down” song when I’m sweating on the elliptical.

As for my knitting, well, I have finished one of my wips, the pleated scarf, I just don’t have a picture of the finished object. And the mystery KAL shawl is almost done – I’m waiting on clue#6, the last clue, and then I’ll have another FO for March. It looks really pretty so far, so I’m curious to see what the finished project will be like. And we’ll apparently need buttons – I guess for optional sleeves?

Now, why did I cast on for another project even though I already have two other wips on the needles, including last week’s project? Well, last week’s melody shawl is going to be my mindless project, the one that I work on while I’m in the car (not while I’m driving!), or waiting anywhere where I’ll likely only be able to knit just a bit at a time, and where I don’t want to worry about keeping track of where I am in the pattern. I’ve made a bit of progress, so this will probably turn into another endless project (and it easily fits into my handbag, as you can see).

The other project is for my cousin and his fiancee – the better than better than pea soup blanket. I really do need to get cracking on that one since I’m probably headed to San Francisco in May or early June, and I’d love to take it with me at the time. It would be rather inconvenient to bring it to the wedding. Plus, I really want to finish this up before it gets too warm.


Ok, so back to the topic at hand. The German Wollmeise group (on Ravelry) is hosting a knit along called 12 Wollmeise in 12 months, with the goal to knit some of your treasured skeins instead of letting them linger in your stash, unknit. You pick out the skeins beforehand, give them a number and each month one number is drawn, and that skein is to be knit up. I’ve knit up January and February’s skeins, but I was late in working on my March project since my time was sucked up by my other Wips. So I’m a bit late to the party, knitting up this beautiful skein of Campari Orange light. It matches my mother’s hat really well, and she’s pretty excited to get this scarf.

The pattern is Anne Hanson’s Fernfrost, a really pretty pattern that shows of the colors beautifully. I thought that this would be a labor of love (well, more or less) since I was all scarfed out after that darn pleated scarf. But this one is flying of the needles, it’s so much fun to knit. I have till Saturday, so I’m hoping I’ll make it. And this time I’ll cast on for my April project right after that so I won’t be under such time pressure at the end of the month. Btw, I’m making this scarf narrower with only two rather than three pattern repeats, as per request, even though I tried to convince her otherwise. And now I’m wishing I had another skein in the color, to knit up a spring-inspired Windward for myself.

Phew, this was a long post. I’m participating in this week’s Yarn Along – there are links to other great Yarn Along posts there, with information on how to participate yourself. You can also find a link to this post through Tami’s Amis, and through Ambassador Crochet’s Wip Wednesday. Oh, and then there’s Frontier Dreams’ Keep Calm and Craft on (KCCO) series too!


I said I’d blog way more regularly this year, and I’ve been pretty delinquent. I’ve been really bad at responding to people’s comments. I’ve also been knitting more than playing around on Ravelry. And I’ve been especially bad at keeping up with my friends…

I know Easter is right around the corner, and it’s rather late to start fasting, but I’m thinking to start a detox later this week – both food-wise, but also mentally. I’m trying to streamline my life a bit and get a jump on healthier living resolutions, including working out more regularly. The challenge for me is to set realistic goals that I can actually achieve instead of setting such lofty goals that I can only strive for them for a bit, and then I crash and burn ’cause I get frustrated and then I just fail. But still, there’s such much clutter in my life that I sure could use some spring cleaning. And I guess that should include my stash as well…

Yarn Along

Another Wednesday, another Yarn Along post. I’m currently still working on the same Wips as last week, but I’ve added a new Wip: a Melody shawl for myself. I cast on for it since I wanted (another) mindless knitting project. One of my friends knits while at the movies, so I thought I’d try that myself. But first I was busy with my bucket of popcorn, and then I was so engrossed in the movie that I never brought out my little Melody shawl loop. Oh well. (Btw, sweet popcorn at the movies = win!) It doesn’t look like much right now, but it sure is fun! The yarn is Sundara fingering silky merino: ridiculously soft, and so very gorgeous. I don’t wear much purple, but this, this I’ll wear. A lot.

(Btw, the movie was ‘The Iron Lady” – very very interesting. And what a tour de force performance by Meryl Streep! No wonder she won the Oscar for her performance. Her body of work really is amazing, and I am always amazed how she can portray these characters, some of them very iconic, so well that you absolutely forget that it’s her.)

The book is a good book on Pilates. It explains a lot of the background of Pilates, and really creates a good system to build your skills. I used to go to Pilates to build back and abdominal strength – I used to get really bad back pains, and Pilates helped a lot. I went to Pilates ‘machine’ classes, and haven’t tried mat classes so far, so this will be an interesting exercise. I sure can use more core strength, plus flexibility.

If you’d like to Yarn Along too, just visit Ginny’s Yarn Along post where you’ll find more information. Happy Wednesday everybody!



I’ve discovered the perfect place to listed to audiobooks: while working out. It takes my mind of how many more minutes I need to sweat on the Elliptical, etc. and it’s actually peaceful enough for me to concentrate on the story, instead of constantly being interrupted and then losing the rhythym of the story.

So far I’ve purchased my audiobooks on iTunes, but I’m thinking of trying Audible… I’m just wondering if I can actually download the audiobooks to my computer, and if there’s another form of DRM attached to the Audible downloads… Have any of you tried Audible? What has your experience been like?