February = Fail

Oh hello! Are you wondering where I’ve been this past month? I’ve been around – it’s just that I’ve been knitting so much that I haven’t really taken the time to blog. Even though I’ve been taking lots of photographs – mostly of knitting projects and of food. I’ve just been a slacker with regards to uploading photos and blogging about stuff. And I don’t just want to put up videos to pass the time for you guys.

The thing is, one of my stash down goals was to blog more regularly about knitting projects. Yes, I know it’s not really a stash reducing goal – but I just want to get myself on some kind of regular knitting schedule. February = Fail. But hey, it’s a new month, and my blogiversary is this month, so let’s look forward.

I’m doing pretty well with my stashdown goals – I’ve finished 9 projects and I have 3 current wips going on, one of them a KAL, and we’re in week 10 of the new year (right?), so I’ve been pretty much keeping pace with the 52 projects in 52 weeks goal. As to my yarn purchase goal: I bought a bit of yarn to finish the project, plus an extra skein for free shipping, and then I purchased two skeins of yarn that’s really hard to get a hold off (more on that another time). Though I’m not to sure if that purchase has actually gone through – I have a confirmation email, both from the vendor and Paypal, but my order status still says processing (I bought this over a week ago – maybe I’m just too used to quick responses by vendors).

I’ve knit more than I have acquired this year, so that’s a good thing. My queue is full of projects I want to knit – both for myself as well as for gifts, as well as a few requests. Those projects are mostly wraps and stole projects, and that’ll take some time. I just counted – I have 20 must knit in 2012 projects in my queue including three big wraps, 3 garments, and I haven’t even thought about holiday and birthday gifts yet. Oh and 3 old wips. I wish I could knit faster.

And of course I won’t have as much knitting time as I’d like – I’ll be job hunting and maybe even planning a cross-country move, as well as some other personal stuff, and that will reduce my knitting time significantly. Plus my stash will probably have to be reduced (sniff, sniff) to make moving ‘easier.’

Other stashdown goals? 6 pairs of socks, 2 sweaters (probably for my Mom and my sister), a wedding gift blanket (one of my current wips), and aim for 12 shawls in 2012. And I’m participating in the 12 Wollmeise in 12 months – the goal is to knit up some of the old favorites, instead of them lingering in one’s stash. So far I’ve been keeping pace, even though I finished my January project late. Oops.

So I’d better get going. Bye for today, and I’ll have a post about some of my recent going-ons up in a few days. See you then!


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