A Wednesday wip

A wip* a day, keeps the doctor away. No?

I’ve tried to keep to avoid alliteration blog posts, like Wednesday wips etc. Not that I don’t like them – a lot of my favorite blogs use these kinds of posts. It’s just that I would fail – badly – at putting up certain types of posts on certain days. I tend to blog whenever I think I have something interesting to say (I hope!), and I’d unfailingly forget to up a post on topic, and then I’d start running behind and so on and on. (Even though it would give me some blogging discipline).

Of course I wouldn’t be surprised to find myself doing exactly that down the road…


Anyway, Ginny from Small Things runs a Yarn Along on Wednesdays, where you reflect on your current knitting and/or reading. So, this is a good opportunity to take a look as to what I’m currently working on. Especially since I’m trying to reduce my number of wips.

First wip is this one:

“Pleated” is a lovely squishy scarf knitting in Madeline Tosh Pashmina. This merino-cashmere-silk blend is so soft and gorgeous. The pattern is Olga Buraya-Kefelian’s Issey scarf, a pattern that’s inspired by Issey Miyake’s Pleats Please collection. And the scarf really is pleated – you can stretch it out and becomes quite a bit wider, but when released, it bounces back into the pleats shape. It really and truly is gorgeous, and my Dad will love it. Although he’ll probably only wear it come fall – it’s just too warm now. Oops. (More information on the project page, and in the blog post about the finished project).

And then there’s this wip:

This one is a mystery KAL, so no pattern page or project link for now. This is a gorgeous project. I can’t wait to see what the finished project will look like. The bottom edge has the same tortoise-shellish pattern as the top edge – the garter stitch makes the edge roll up, but I promise you it’s still there. I’ve finished clue#3, and clue#4 just arrived, and I think there are a total of 5 clues, so I’m nearing the end. The mystery KAL really is a lot of fun – I forgot how much fun it can be. My last mystery KAL attempt was the Westknits Earth & Sky KAL. That one was a fail for me – I never even managed to cast on for that one (yup, I STILL haven’t cast on).

I’m hoping to finish up clue #4 by tomorrow, and then I’ll finish the pleated scarf – only 3 more inches plus tip are left, and then I can try and work on projects. I’ll probably start to cast on for a Wollmeise project to fulfill my 12 Wollmeise in 2012 goal, and then I’ll turn my attention to another wip – my “Better than pea soupwedding blanket project. That one will take up quite some time…

So, that’s it for me. Are you interested in participating in the Yarn Along? Here‘s more info on the Yarn Along, and here you can see Ginny’s past Yarn Along posts. And here’s a link to Ginny’s current Yarn Along post.

Have fun looking at all those knitting and reading posts, and I’ll be back soon, probably with a post on food. I made these amazing cookies that really deserve a post of their own.

*For you non-knitters, a wip is a work-in-progress