Yarn Along

Another Wednesday, another Yarn Along post. I’m currently still working on the same Wips as last week, but I’ve added a new Wip: a Melody shawl for myself. I cast on for it since I wanted (another) mindless knitting project. One of my friends knits while at the movies, so I thought I’d try that myself. But first I was busy with my bucket of popcorn, and then I was so engrossed in the movie that I never brought out my little Melody shawl loop. Oh well. (Btw, sweet popcorn at the movies = win!) It doesn’t look like much right now, but it sure is fun! The yarn is Sundara fingering silky merino: ridiculously soft, and so very gorgeous. I don’t wear much purple, but this, this I’ll wear. A lot.

(Btw, the movie was ‘The Iron Lady” – very very interesting. And what a tour de force performance by Meryl Streep! No wonder she won the Oscar for her performance. Her body of work really is amazing, and I am always amazed how she can portray these characters, some of them very iconic, so well that you absolutely forget that it’s her.)

The book is a good book on Pilates. It explains a lot of the background of Pilates, and really creates a good system to build your skills. I used to go to Pilates to build back and abdominal strength – I used to get really bad back pains, and Pilates helped a lot. I went to Pilates ‘machine’ classes, and haven’t tried mat classes so far, so this will be an interesting exercise. I sure can use more core strength, plus flexibility.

If you’d like to Yarn Along too, just visit Ginny’s Yarn Along post where you’ll find more information. Happy Wednesday everybody!




  1. I don’t use Pilates for back pain, but back pain from nursing my twins is what got me back into exercising again after their birth. It’s so true that strong abs take the pressure off your back – and lack of back pain makes exercising so worth it!


    1. Very true – I can definitely use more a stronger torso. I’ve heard that Pilates is really good to help you with recovery after birth.


  2. I like the yarn you used for the shawl. Very pretty.

    My mom has a pilates machine and it has helped tremendously with her back issues.


    1. Yeah, Sundara makes gorgeous yarns – and that one is so pretty and soft. I’m farther along in that project now, and I really like how the subtle color variations work out.


  3. I love the colour of your yarn.

    I used to teach vipasana yoga and there are quite a few poses (cat and cow, Triangle, bow, downward facing dog….to name some of them) that can help. I had a couple of students who were backache sufferers and this helped them quite a bit.



    1. Yeah, I really want to establish a yoga practice. I used to for regular yoga classes, and my lower back was doing so much better, and my hamstrings weren’t as tight and my flexibility was waaaay better. I need to get into the habit again.


    1. I thought it was Sundara fingering silky merino, but it actually is her fingering merino cashmere. It is so soft! Oh, and it also has 10% nylon for extra stability.


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