I said I’d blog way more regularly this year, and I’ve been pretty delinquent. I’ve been really bad at responding to people’s comments. I’ve also been knitting more than playing around on Ravelry. And I’ve been especially bad at keeping up with my friends…

I know Easter is right around the corner, and it’s rather late to start fasting, but I’m thinking to start a detox later this week – both food-wise, but also mentally. I’m trying to streamline my life a bit and get a jump on healthier living resolutions, including working out more regularly. The challenge for me is to set realistic goals that I can actually achieve instead of setting such lofty goals that I can only strive for them for a bit, and then I crash and burn ’cause I get frustrated and then I just fail. But still, there’s such much clutter in my life that I sure could use some spring cleaning. And I guess that should include my stash as well…


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