Craft Your Perfect Day

Yes, the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week is over, sniff sniff. But really, look at that topic. Isn’t it perfect?

Wildcard Topic: Craft Your Perfect Day
Plan your fantasy day with your craft, It might just take up one hour of your day or be the entire focus of the day, but tell your readers where you’d love to craft, whether you’d craft alone or with friends, knitting or crocheting something simple or spending a day learning new skills.

I’m getting back to normal, getting back to more crafting, and Tuesday is a holiday (yay for May 1st!), so really truly can make it my perfect crafting day. So let’s get to it!

OMG, how awesome - a knitting basket cake!

Well, Tuesday is going to be a beautiful day – sunny, not too warm, spring is in full bloom, and everybody is enjoying the lovely weather. That just calls for a long lovely walk, with a few breaks at park benches along the way. The perfect place for a break, and to pull out my knitting and knit along for a bit while listening to the birds, and the children laughing. And at the end of my walk, I’ll find a coffee shop or a bakery, or maybe even an ice cream shop and treat myself to something sweet – and then knit again for a while. That’ll probably take up quite a few hours right then and there. Since this is my perfect craft day, I’ll just ignore that I should probably take care of some everyday things like, oh, household stuff and so on. And in the evening I’ll curl up on the couch with a cup of tea, find a good movie to watch and get in some quality crafting time – and if there isn’t anything good to watch, then I might just rewatch one of the Lord of the Rings or Star Wars movies for the gazillionth time. Yup, nerd here.

And just in case that the weather gods decide that we should get rain, well, there’s not much better than sitting inside, listening to the rain while you’re all cozy and warm. And hey, I might even go to one of my favorite yarn stores – it’s more of a trek going there, but it’s so amazing. I could indulge in looking at color and fiber combinations and daydream of new yarn purchases and the patterns I’d knit up. No actual yarn buying though, I’m on a yarn diet right now…

Yay! I’m already looking forward to tomorrow!



  1. I just found out about this Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog week, so I will definitely be doing it next year. But if you don’t want to wait a whole year to Craft Your Perfect Day, how about joining me May 23rd for a Knitting Marathon!

    I’m reaching out to other Knit/Crochet/Craft bloggers to join me for 26.2 hours of “Mostly Continuous Knitting (or crocheting, etc)” I try to do this once a month and I usually start on a Wednesday and then wrap into Thursday. I sometimes have to work on weekends so this is my “weekend in the middle of the week” that I gift to myself once a month.

    I’d love to have you join me!



      1. Great! I’m hoping to post participants’ blog links on my site so that my readers can see what others are working on as well! I’ll keep you posted.

      2. Awesome, thanks! Yeah, a blog roll or blog links would be awesome, it would make it so much easier to follow along. Will you have short tags as well (kind of like during the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week)? That also makes it easier to find relevant blog posts

    1. Yeah, I think I’ll have to blog on that topic regularly. It’s like bit of mindfulness for your knitting.


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