Well, guess what. As if I haven’t already had enough of blogging every day, I’ve decided to join this month’s NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month. The idea is to blog every day of the month, and to support your fellow bloggers. Challenging, right? I mean the writing part, of course. Well, at least to me it’s challenging, given that I’ve been blogging pretty sporadically in the past six months. I’d been traveling and helping my sister with her new baby, but really, I should be able to get up at least a short post every day. So let’s see how this goes!

You can still sign up for this month until May 5, and the website also offers you daily prompts for the weekdays, but they’re just a guide to provide you structure. You can totally do your own thing too. The theme for May is Play. That’s just perfect! Play can be all kinds of things – and to me, play is closely linked to creativity.

So come and join me – sign up for the blog roll, and let’s have some fun!



  1. This sounds like fun – but I’m thinking… Do I have enough on my plate already???
    What the heck, why not. Here I go, I’m going to sign up!!!


    1. Yay! So far so good – and no one says how long your post has to be. There are the prompts to help out. I’m pretty much doing my own thing, but then again all the things I blog about have an element of Play. Oh, and I draft and schedule posts ahead of time to make my life easier


      1. I’m actually spending more time drafting blog posts rather than knitting – but then I have posts ready for the next week or so. And I’m taking notes on what topics I want to blog about, and that helps too

      2. Good for You – that’s great! Maybe if I had done that I would be in a position to post every day this month. But I am looking ahead to June as a fresh start. In the meantime I will post as often as I can in the month of May! I’m sorry that it’s taking away from your knitting time though!

      3. I’m all for fresh starts 🙂 I’ve planned out my posts for a few days now so I’m taking a knitting break. Yay!

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