I don’t know how to sew…

but I totally want to learn! It would make life so much easier – for example, I could shorten my own hems instead of paying $14-16 (especially if I want to keep the hems on my jeans). Plus, you can just fit your clothes better. A friend of mine made beautiful quilts for her grandchildren.

But this, this is amazing. I mean, how awesome to know how to sew bathing suits? I love all the little details.



  1. Sewing is a lot of fun, and very easy to do things like hemming pants and tailoring clothes. Bathing suits, however … I guess there is a pattern for everything!


    1. I think you have to use a special sewing machine for bathing suits? Something named a serger? I remember them using it on Project Runway…


    1. They really are – I think they’re way cuter than bought one. They seem to personalized to fit each of their personalities


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