Farewell, Maurice Sendak

I had a post all drafted for today’s Yarn Along, but then I saw that Maurice Sendak died yesterday. How sad. You might have heard of Maurice Sendak, especially in the last few years. Maurice Sendak is the author – and illustrator of the great children’s bookWhere the Wild Things Are.” It’s a lovely story about a boy, Max, and his imagination which leads him to the land where the Wild Things are. It’s a story without many words, but it still conveys the story beautifully through the wonderful combination of the words with the matching illustrations. The book received the Caldecott Medal, which should tell you something right there. In 2009, Spike Jonze created a movie treatment based on the book, which was released to good reviews. He made sure to work closely together with Maurice Sendak – he stated in an interview that he want to convey the atmosphere of the book, and that the greatest compliment was that Maurice Sendak. Watch the trailer and see for yourself.

I think by now you can guess which book I’m currently reading. Or more accurately, rereading.

Crappy iPhone picture of my Windward scarf

That’s my reading, and here is my knitting. I still have four wips waiting for my attention: the pea soup blanket, the Erin Go Bragh shawl, the steel sings scarf and my Windward scarf featured in my “Tale of Two Needles” stop motion animation. I’ve managed to complete section A to C on the Windward scarf – a bit of progress, but not as much as I’d like. Part of the reason is life, and the other reason is that I’m participating NaBloPoMo this month. NaBloPoMo is a challenge where you blog every day. Yup, every day. That really takes a lot of time, especially since I take quite a bit of time to write my blog posts. To make my life easier I’ve been writing my posts ahead of time and scheduling them – that way I have posts going on without too much every day work. And I can still insert a post on what’s currently going on. But the whole writing ahead of time has reduced my knitting time this week.


And I’m still trying to finish my pea soup blanket by the end of the month. Yeah, I think that’s pretty much an unattainable goal.

So, that’s it for this week. I’m linking up with this week’s Yarn Along – there are links to other great Yarn Along posts there, with information on how to participate yourself. You can also find a link to this post through Tami’s Amis, through Ambassador Crochet’s Wip Wednesday and Frontier Dreams’ Keep Calm and Craft on (KCCO) blog-a-long.



  1. I was so sad when I saw that Maurice Sendak had passed away. I love “Where the Wild Things Are”. It has been part of both of my childrens’ childhoods.


  2. I loved his books as a child. I was reading an article yesterday that made a good point about his writing. He understood that children like/need their books to be a little scary sometimes. I used to have In the Night Kitchen dreams sometimes where I was the little kid falling into the batter. Those shivery dreams were sort of nebulous, not really nightmares and not really pleasant dreams. And I get a little of the same shivery feeling when I open the books today. Great idea for your Knit Along.


    1. Yes, I think he really understood kids. It’s so easy to dismiss kids thoughts about the dark closet, or whether things linger under the bed. Kids need their imagination. Of course, then there’s Monster’s Inc. approach 🙂


  3. Sad to read of his passing. Lots of children enjoyed his books (as well as the adults who read to them.). I love your pea colored blanket. It is so lovely. I love needle work, I just can’t do it, so I am in awe of those who can.


    1. Thank you! It really isn’t that hard, the pattern is very well written. And there are a lot of good resources to get you started with knitting


  4. I was sad to hear about Maurice Sendak, too. I love his books. I recently bought the Where the Wild Things are crochet pattern, so this is inspiring me to start it.


  5. There was one point where I could recite Where the Wild things Are from memory 🙂 I think my son identified with the book LOL Love your knitting too- you have a lot going on 🙂


    1. Where the Wild Things Are just brings back so many childhood memories. And I feel like a knitting juggler, with all of these different projects that are going on…


  6. I like how your blog is a combination of several different passions! I LOVE reading, I LOVE knitting, and I really LOVE photography (just not that good at it yet) 🙂

    Good luck with finishing the pea soup blanket – it looks wonderful!


    1. Thanks! The photography was really driven by the knitting. I didn’t like the way my early knitted projects look compared to what they really looked like. Plus, I really enjoyed people’s projects that were well photographed, so I really wanted to improve my photography skills. I’m really having a lot of fun with it


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