6 bucks

Sometimes you end up being overcharged. You might be in a tight spot and without alternatives so you have to give in, but still, it burns when you pay a ridiculous amount for something that really shouldn’t be that expensive. Are you wondering what I’m talking about? Well, this is the culprit:

Petit Four

The petit fours looks delicious right? The taste was delicious too. I ended up buying three of them – and I had to pay $6.50 for them!!!! That’s total price gouging. I had to pay that much for these little bites???? My problem was that I had to buy them. You see, I had this whole French themed photoshoot going on for Day 1 of the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week – and I didn’t have any alternatives.

See the delicious petit fours? I savored each one of them (not all on the same day!)

Next time I’m making my own petit fours – it’ll probably be a process with lots of little steps, and I’ll have to work very cleanly. Or I could make a petit fours cake. Mmmm, delicious. I just have to find someone/many someones to share it or my waistline won’t thank me.

Petit Fours Cake from Smitten Kitchen



  1. Mmmm looks delicious! Certainly no judgement here, sometimes little cakes are just what you need. That cake looks amazing too, knowing Smitten Kitchen, it will be super yummy!


    1. I guess it has to do with the fiddly nature of these little things. But I’m going to try and make some and see how for myself how fiddly these are.


  2. I’m guilty of splurging when it comes to sweets … especially when they’re pretty like your petit fours were! Now, a petit fours cake? Can I come over and share it with you when you bake one?


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