Come sail away, Mom! (Oh Mother, Where Art Though?)

Hey guys! You know how life sometimes interferes? That saying about best-laid plans […] of go awry? Well, that was me yesterday. I had all those ideas about a great meal (hey, when you’re in town you’re obligated to cook for your Mom), and a really inventive gift. I was going to post about it as well as my other long-distance gift ideas – and then stuff happened. Nothing bad, just that lots of things were going on and some stuff just didn’t get done. I didn’t manage to finish yesterday’s post before the scheduled publishing time. And once it was out, I didn’t want to unpublish it until Monday. So, I’ll put up a post about my long-distance gifting ideas another day.

But! My mother’s Day gift is done! I ‘gave’ it to her more towards the end of the day since I spent so much time tinkering around on it, but I did still give it to her on Mother’s Day. I hope you’ll enjoy as well.



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