Help! Weaving your floats

Hey guys – I need your help! I’ve looked and looked in vain, and I can’t find the video. It showed how to pick up your floats while knitting continental style in a way that you twisted your floats by picking them in a certain way, which made life so much easier. I unfortunately didn’t bookmark that tab, and now I can’t find the video anymore! I don’t even remember the name of the knitter, I just remember that you was grey haired, and she was showing how to knit while standing. Oh, and she mentions in the video that you should go off and practice, and then it cuts to the part where she explains her method for twisting the floats. I’ve been looking through my browser history in vain. If you have a good video to recommend, could you post the link? Maybe the video I’m thinking of will be in there.

UPDATE!!!! Thanks to bridorangi, I found the video. It’s from Philosopher’s Wool, and part of a longer video which you can purchase from them. It’s really a great video, very useful.

In the meanwhile, here’s a great video of how two-color continental fair isle. Want me to put up a video of right and left handed fair isle or right handed fair isle? Let me know.

One more thing – I wrote a post a few days ago on how I ultimately blog for myself, how my posts are about what interests me and what I like. So when it turns out that you’re featured for what you’re doing, then wow, that’s a great honor (I think). In that spirit, I really want to thank Kelly from Blue Bird Sews for featuring me and my pomegranate, black bean, feta, mandarin and mint salad as part of her Eat Grow Sew blog hop. Thank you Kelly! I really really really appreciate it.

Eat, Grow, Sew at Blue Bird Sews



  1. oh god i did not understand any of that!

    (Only because i’m only a new knitter LOL)

    Good luck!


    1. Lol! It is confusing. The people who whip up colorwork projects intimidate me, in the best possible way. I’ve done a bit of colorwork knitting, but I think if I can improve my technique then it’ll also be easier to knit.


    1. Oh, that looks helpful! I haven’t looked through all of the videos yet, but that is an awesome resource. Thanks so much!


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