NaBloPoMo – the month in review

It’s now 14 months since I started blogging. I started just before the 2nd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week. That got me started on blogging daily, until I was traveling for a longer stretch. Blogging fell by the wayside since it was just too difficult to manage. Then I started up again, until life interfered and so on. I finally got back into the groove with the daily posts of this year’s Knitting and Crochet Blog Week.

I found out about National Blog Posting Month directly after that. NaBloPoMo is organized around a monthly blogging theme and May’s theme is. They provide writing prompts to help you get going, although I wasn’t particularly inspired by them. But you can also go your own way – which is what I did. After all, I find crafting and creating to be a form of ‘play.’ I have fun and I experiment, which is a kind of definition. In fact, let’s look at a few of the definitions of play:

verb [no object]

  • to exercise or employ oneself in diversion, amusement, or recreation
  • to do something in sport that is not to be taken seriously
  • to amuse oneself; toy; trifle (often followed by with)
  • to take part or engage in a game
  • to take part in a game for stakes; gamble
  • to conduct oneself or act in a specified way: to play fair
  • to act on or as if on the stage; perform
  • to perform on a musical instrument
  • […]

See, I think blogging, knitting, photographing, cooking, crafting can all apply. I managed to meet the monthly goal in my own way. I actually managed to set a blogging rhythm for myself and maintain it. And since it worked so well, I’m now going to participate in the WordPress “a post a day for 2012” goal. I’m managing pretty well so far, also because I’m scheduling posts. I’m actually traveling a good part of June, so my I’m writing posts ahead of time so you guys will have regular, daily content. I’ll do my best to answer your comments quickly, and if I have time I can always add new content.

But if you need some reminders when to blog, then this idea is genius: Create a calendar to keep track of when to put up new content on social networking websites. Plus it’s easy to make on your own!

felt blogging calendar

Felt Social Networking Calendar via What Did We Learn



  1. I’m glad I found your blog through blog week, I really enjoy reading it!
    The social networking calendar is such a fun idea, very creative and different.


  2. I’m also glad that I found your blog during knitting and crochet blog week. It does help get into a rhythm for blogging, but isn’t it frustrating how a small change in routine can sometimes throw it all off. I think that having something or someone to be accountable to would help me.


    1. I really like know the Knitting and Crochet Week helped me discover interesting new blogs. I like that I got into a blogging groove and I’ve found that it’s rough having less Internet access and not being able to respond quickly and keep up with other blogs


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