Dear mother, please do not felt the knitting

You know, sometimes it’s just not a good idea to be overzealous when trying to keep your knitting clean. Sigh. I mean, really, Mom. I know you mean well. It’s just that you might want to stick to the instructions when washing your knitting. You might also ask what kind of fiber it is, is it superwash or not, and so on. I know that some washing machines have a wool washing cycle but if you want to go the extra mile, you could just handwash it in cold water. That also applies when blocking – is this material that can be wetblocked, can you steamblock it, or would it all be in vain…

But yeah, my Mom felted a project. A gift I knit for her that she really loved. It’s a Herringbone Cowl – a pretty and dense cowl. She prefers cowls that aren’t too ‘airy’ so they can protect her neck against the wind. It really is a great design although I wouldn’t recommend using a highly variegated yarn – you’ll lose the herringbone effect. But the pattern will really show off more subtle yarn shifts. The yarn I used was Malabrigo Silky Merino in the colorway Amoroso. Very luscious yarn, and a combination of silk and merino. Yes, there’s enough merino in there to felt the yarn.

You can see the subtle colorshifts from red to pink and back

I unfortunately didn’t catch Mom before she stuck the cowls in the washing machine. Yes. She felted another cowl while she was at it. You should have seen my expression when I saw the shrunken cowls.


The yarn is TLS silky merino worsted by Pigeonroof Studios. Beautiful yarn, soft and yummy, a mix of merino and silk. Once again, another yarn with 50% merino, 50% silk. Krista from Pigeonroof Studios dyes lovely yarns, and beautiful roving.

Well, the cowls shrunk after washing, as felted items do. Yup, Mom couldn’t fit them over her head, despite all of her attempts. They now linger in her cold weather accessories basket. Hmm, I have to see if the cowls fit over my goddaughters’ heads. That way they’ll be useful once again. And now Mom knows to ask me before washing handknit items.

Mom, I love you. I really really really love you (I even made a stop motion video for you). But please don’t felt handknit things again, ok?

2 Cowls

Felted necklace by Vacide Erda Zimic, can be found here. You’ll find amazing items there, and all of them are focused on sustainability as well.



  1. Oh no! This is so sad, especially to a fellow knitter. I’m lucky, my mother is also a knitter and understands how to properly wash knitted objects (likely better than I do). Well at least now you have a reason to cast on for another cowl ; )


  2. Yes, the perils of gifting hand-knit to non-knitters! I think we all need to add tags to our knitting that says “WASHING MACHINES ARE OFF LIMITS!”


    1. I think I need to get some of those tags to sew into my knitting so people know what the care instructions actually are. No matter what you tell them, they’ll still forget…


    1. Maybe I can sew some kind of entrelac-esque pillow out of them… Perhaps along the lines of a checkered effect, with a plain backing?


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