Wednesday, Wednesday

The book I’m currently reading is not so much my reading but my nephew’s reading – it’s his good night story. You might have recognized Curious George from the bookcover – and the book itself is called ‘Curious George Storybook Collection.’ This version is very much so based on the TV series, with the same kind of graphics, and really big pictures. It’s quite cute but just doesn’t have the charm of the original stories. I wish they’d stayed consistent with the beginning of the original stories, you know, where it says: “George was a good monkey but always very curious.” Oh, and btw, have you ever wondered what the man with the yellow hat does for a living? Well, I wonder – and given that many of George’s adventures result in big, expensive messes, I wonder if he’s on an unlimited budget. For example, the donut delivery story in this Storybook Collection volume. George buys 100 dozen donuts instead of one dozen donuts. One dozen Krispy Kreme donuts is approximately $6 (dependent on your location), that would mean, that George bought $600 worth of groceries. And the man with the yellow hat accepts that without blinking an eye. Sheesh.

And in the meanwhile, I’ve made some progress, over the past week, and the end is in sight on my Indian Red scarf. Very exciting. It’ll still take me a while to finish it, but I can see how this pattern design is going to work out. I’m concerned that the scarf will be to small, so I’ll probably have to steam block it aggressively, or wet block it. The problem with wet blocking is that it is hard to find a space where I can leave something to dry. Plus, wet blocking doesn’t have that instant gratification effect that you get from steam blocking. I’m going to double check my gauge, and maybe I can add a bit more length in section H… Time to check out the modifications people have made to the scarf. I really really love Ravelry – it makes it so much easier to find that kind of information.
And now, since I’m probably responsible for getting the “Monday, Monday” song stuck in your head, here’s a video of the original song:

That’s it for this Wednesday. I’m participating in this week’s Yarn Along – there are links to other great Yarn Along posts there, with information on how to participate yourself. You can also find a link to this post through Tami’s Amis, through Ambassador Crochet’s Wip Wednesday and Frontier Dreams’ Keep Calm and Craft on (KCCO) series.



    1. Yeah, I’m hoping too. Since the pattern has a lot of garter stitch, I’m concerned how that’ll work out if I block the scarf aggressively…


  1. ravelry is ridiculously awesome. i love how you can link your blog post to your project, go to the pattern page and see other people’s posts about the pattern!

    LOVE the colour of your scarf.


    1. Sometimes I think that Ravelry is the best thing since sliced bread. Okay, I may be over exaggerating, but it’s so great to see what other people have done, ranging from yarn substitutions, pattern modifications, and finished project photographs. It would be so hard to track down all that information on your own


  2. “Monday, monday…” Used to love that song! And it is a shame curious george stories changed, I feel like they did that with Clifford too when he became a PBS Cartoon. Oh well… :/
    Love the color of your knitting!


    1. Thank you! I feel that so much charm of the original books get lost in the transition to TV. Although I have to say, some of the new stories are quite cute. It’s just that so many kids only know the TV versions and don’t know about the books. I think reading is so important and shouldn’t be replaced by watching TV. TV can be a complement, but reading is just so important…


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