Do you have to dig around your bag for your earphones? Or do you wrap them around music player? For the most part, I stick my earphones into my bag – into one of those little side pockets, where they tangle with keys, hand sanitizer, lip gloss and so on. When I then grab them out of my bag, I first have to detangle the headphones from all that other stuff, and then I need to untangle them from whatever form they have twisted into. After a while it was just too messy for me.

You’ll find all kind of cases for iPhones, cell phones, iPads, even laptops. But there aren’t as many earphone cases out there. Thankfully I found this whale earphone case pattern on Ravelry. I liked that idea way better than one of those cases where you try to wind them into. Plus, as a knitter, I’m obliged to like knit versions better 😉

Eeadphone whale

Nom! The finished whale

This is a pretty simple knit. I used Techknitter’s casting on from the middle method, which looks cleaner then just a regular cast-on, followed by magic loop. I mean, you could use the yarn tail to close any holes, but with Techknitter’s version, you avoid any holes. It does take a bit til you get the hang of it, but once you’ve got it, it’s a useful skill. It’s great for hats knit top-down, and Ysolda Teague uses that method in the pattern for her knit softie animals Elijah, Otto and Sophie.

The pattern also recommends using Ysolda’s sewn button loop method, which is really ingenious. You basically create plain button loops that are the right size for your buttons. Then you wrap your yarn around those loops, reinforcing them while also making the buttonloop snug enough that it’ll close nicely around the button without being too loose. And that way the button loops are sturdy enough to survive regular opening and closing. I picked little eye-like buttons, and voila! You have an earphone whale.

Your little whale can hold all kinds of cables, not just earphones. It’s also easy to modify the size of the whale – you could just use a heavier yarn weight and larger needles, or you could just add extra repeats and make the whale bigger that way. Btw, this pattern is a great last-minute gift – and I’ve already received requests for more whales. Have fun!



  1. Oh man do I ever have this problem. The Apple headphones are the worst with getting tangled too because they are made of such a grabby material. This is ingenious, and the fact that he is a whale, even better.


  2. What’s not to love about this? I keep mine jammed in an earphone exclusive pocket in my knitting bag, but it never seems that if I need to transfer them to my purse, the exact situation you described happens. Also, yay whales!

    I agree with you about the circular CO. I learned it for Sophie way back in 2008, and I use it all the time, especially to knit Rebecca Danger’s Monster Chunk pattern without picking up stitches. 🙂


    1. I know, it’s sucha cute whale, right?

      And I love the Techknitter articles – it’s such a great resource, plus Techknitter also compares different methods, and there are clear diagrams! So very very helpful


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