Cream of Eggplant

I bet you were expecting a post on food, right? Ha! Au contraire! Cream of Eggplant is what I named a project of mine. I’m sure there are great eggplant soup recipes out there, but this post is about a lovely purple scarf that really looks like the purple skin of an eggplant.

The yarn I used for the project was Classic Elite Miracle in the colorway Purple Palace. I forget why I originally bought the yarn for some kind of other project – I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. But I’d wound it at the yarn store, and so I wanted to use it up. I’d already knit a purple scarf and hat for my sister, but they were beginner projects. Well, not beginner projects, but I was brand new to knitting, and I figured I could do better.

The most frequently pattern knit with this yarn was the Cream of Spinach scarf – so now you know why I named my project Cream of Eggplant scarf. The yarn was somewhat fuzzy and splitty, but the pattern showed it up nicely. I’d say that I won’t use the yarn again, but the yarn has been discontinued anyway. The finished project is fine, but it’s not my favorite finished object. That just means I’ll have to knit another scarf for my sister. Yay!



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