Risotto di asparago, carciofi e funghi

When guests don’t show up for dinner (last minute changes), well then you simply get a larger portion. If they knew what we had for dinner, I’m sure they’ll regret not coming over. Cause they missed out on this awesome asparagus, artichoke and mushroom risotto. I wouldn’t have thought to put this combination together. Actually, scratch that. I did put roasted artichokes into a pasta dish where it mingled nicely, so I probably would have imagined roasted artichokes as a great addition to a asparagus and mushroom risotto. I bet fresh artichokes would be even better. It’s just that I haven’t trimmed artichokes before, I’ve always been too intimidated. But I’m sure you could come up with all kinds of artichoke risotto combinations.  Jamie Oliver has a recipe for a very basic artichoke risotto (boy, that photograph is terrible), this recipe makes a fresh artichoke and pesto risotto, or how about this recipe from Gourmet for artichoke, prosciutto and bell pepper risotto? Yum. The asparagus, artichoke and mushroom combination was so delicious, this will surely be a new staple in the family (yes, another smitten kitchen recipe). Risotto is one of those things – it has to be stirred constantly, a good broth makes a world of a difference, it really should be served al dente and then eaten right away. My parents never really got the point of making risotto since their restaurant risotto experiences weren’t that great. But now, now they are converts. A good risotto is a great thing, especially when it’s not too heavy. It’s a great accompaniment, but also great on its own. My aunt makes these risotto balls, which are another great way of eating risotto. This risotto was quick and easy, especially since I used those marinated artichokes. Dad is allergic to mushrooms so I just separated out some risotto at the end, after adding the asparagus and the artichokes. The mushrooms were then added to the remaining batch. That’s an easy way to modify a risotto, but also all kinds of recipes if you have someone with allergies, but you really want to also eat the original version.

Asparagus, artichoke and mushroom risotto


  1. That does sound tasty. I have recently made a risotto dish that uses all parts of the beet. Very tasty. I wonder if there is any decent asparagus left at the grocery store around here. I’d be very tempted to try yours.


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