Twitter. Yeah.

So I’m suffering from Twitter feed overload. Seriously. There’s such a ridiculous amount of tweeting going on in my feed that it’s hard for me to keep up with who has said what, and so on. You may be saying “well duh, that’s the point” and you’re right. Twitter is about tweeting, but I’m reading so much that it’s hard for me keep up with who said what, to keep track of the Tweets that really are of interest to me. And thus it is so much harder to respond, and really interact with people. I even changed my twitter address to make it clear that this is an @anjireads account. I will be shifting things around, and set up a separate Twitter address where I can actually talk to the people I want to talk to, and keep the alerts and updates and infodump tweets to another account. (It may sound weird that you can infodump on Twitter, but some people give it their best shot. Especially when a new tweet appears every 10 minutes. It defeats the purpose of tweeting if you’re still telling your story in a series of tweets. Brevity is the point of here, people, that’s why you have 140 characters!).

Pardon my grumpiness, but I feel bad that I haven’t been interacting as much with you guys. But I promise I’ll do better in 2013, and overhauling my Twitter, and thus my tweeting is one way to go about it.



  1. oh lord i just dont get twitter. it’s like, blink and you miss it? i dont think i have time to keep up with it


    1. I think you’re either on it all the time, and can see what’s up and respond immediately. Otherwise I feel that email or text messages work just as well, without sharing everything with the entire world. I guess that’s the point, sharing what you see and think with everyone… Sometimes I feel that we are all becoming exhibitionists in one way or the other, with social media is so pervasive everywhere. Remember the days of reality TV before social media?


  2. I know exactly how this feels. That’s why I deleted it in the first place… now that I’m back on after a year, I find the reverse to be true. It’s boring as hell.


    1. I almost feel like I need to have a separate Twitter feed for knitting – otherwise how can I see all those interesting crafty posts that get buried among traffic announcements and so on? Not that the traffic announcements aren’t useful, but on the scale of what’s interesting, they don’t really rank up there…


  3. While I have a Twitter account, (my second attempt with Twitter), i very seldom Tweet. It’s to time consuming and I usually have better things to do.


    1. It really requires an investment of time, and it’s so hard to keep up with it. I’m contemplating getting a separate Twitter account so I can keep track of just the knitting Twitters…


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