Another Wednesday, another Yarn Along post

overloaded truck

Hello there!

I hope you haven’t given up on me! I know, it’s been a month of almost no posts, apart from the Weekly Photography Challenge. But I have a good reason: I’ve been dealing with a ginormous move, all the way across an ocean and a continent, and I’m only now starting to settle in. My stuff is partly here, partly in storage, partly on its way, which has made things difficult, knitting-wise. Almost all of my yarn is in storage, plus various knitting paraphernalia like knitting needles, my swift and ball winder, and other knitting do-dads. Is that a real word, do-dads?

paraphenalia sock pattern

twisty and pretty cables

Given all that’s been going on, I haven’t been reading much of anything. But, I’ve managed to get one project started. Currently on my needles is a sock. Yes, only one sock, the other one hasn’t even been started. The pattern is Paraphenalia, and includes ribbing and a few cable twists. Nothing too complicated, but a fun little project that I can pick up anytime. I’ve just turned the heel, so I’m actually a bit further along that the photograph. Let’s see how much progress I’ll make by next week – I’m hoping to have this sock finished and the second one at least halfway done. It’s always good to have goals, even if you don’t reach them on rightaway.

Now for the blog hop part: I’m linking up with this week’s Yarn Along, this week’s Tami’s Amis WIP Wednesday,  and Frontier Dreams’ Keep Calm and Craft on (KCCO) blog-a-long. Check out some of the other awesome wip posts.



  1. Sure hope that isn’t a photo of your stuff being moved. Eek! Love the sock, would make a beautiful front panel of a cardigan. The yarn looks so cozy.


    1. Lol. Not right now, although this our move a few years ago when I was volunteering. Thankfully we drove very very slowly – well, we were walking along following the driver so we were prepared to catch whatever fell down.

      That’s a great idea for a cardigan – I’ll keep that in mind!


  2. Love your first photo and wish you all the best for finishing the move! Me and my family moved last year into a new (old) house ( but only 50 km). That was in September and we still have a lot of things in the storage. 😀 (because our house have to be repaired …) I love your cable, it is a lovely pattern. Have a nice week!


    1. Thank you! I really don’t like moving – the packing and unpacking is the worst part. The actual day of the move, while being a pain, ends comparatively quickly. But the unpacking especially…


  3. oooo! Thanks for the sock pattern recommendation! I really enjoy cables.
    I wish you a smooth, uneventful move. We had a rough one the last time we moved and it makes me kind of dread moving again.


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